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Roller Conveyor suppliers
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pure powdered pectin
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Face Shield factory
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  Radiator Heating Element factory
Enviado por: manganag - 30-04-2021, 01:55 AM - Foro: Anuncios y general - Sin respuestas

Our History
Yiwu Jinbao Heating Products Factory started from 1987, we located in Zhejiang Province of China, and our first production is defrost heaters, at very beginning we only have 3 workers. With developing of the China economy, our factory scale and production range are expanding rapidly in the past more than 30 years. So far we have more than 20 production workshops with more than 200 workers. At present we are still developing new technology heating elements, our goals is to help people to protect environment and save energy.
Nowadays we have been a comprehensive company, in order to save customers' time and cost and avoid any buying risks, we are providing one-step service of heating elements.
Our Factory
Jinbao workshops located in several areas, this can help us use local advantage such as most convenient to get different accessories and employ skillful workers and save cost. We are helping buyers from designing, manufacturing, supplying and solving. We have special team for designing, sampling and testing to ensure all samples and production be perfect before sending them out.
Currently we have around 5000 square meter workshops and more than 200 workers.
We have another two company name is yuguoyong trade co ltd and yiwu jinbao e-commerce firm which are mainly in charge of foreign trade business.
Our Product
Jinbao production including below electrical heating elements:
Heating tubes, oven heaters, film heater, kapton heaters, ptc heaters, tubular heaters, tubular heating elements, heater elements, defrosting heating elements, defrosting heater elements, heating plates, heat press plates, hot plates, ceramic heaters, selft regulating heating cables, heat trace cables, silicone rubber heaters, crankcase heaters, fermentation heaters, brewing heaters, resistances, carbon fiber heating cables, carbon heating wires, clothes heating pads, fabric heaters, glassfiber heating tapes, heating belts, heating pads, heating wires, cartridge heaters, aluminum foil heaters, flexible heating elements, flexible heaters elements, hot runner heaters, mica heaters, sic heating rods and some other customized heating elements.
Product Application
Defrosting heaters: are used in refrigeration industries, such as in Unit Cooler, Air Cooler, Refrigerator, Freezer, Cold Storage, fridge, refrigerated containers etc.
Aluminum foil heater: used on refrigerators and freezers are used for compensation heating. It is an ideal heating element for designing medium and low temperature surface heating and heat preservation applications. It is widely used in agricultural, industrial and commercial machines, equipment and devices, such as dryers, incubators, heat preservation rooms, advertising demister heaters, food warmer, defrost heater, medical devices, ceiling wall panels, incubators, battery warmers etc.
Heating tubes: including dry heating tubes and immersion heating tubes, they are mainly used in water tank, boilers, oven, toaster, fryer, oil heater air heater, injection molds and other home appliances etc.
Silicone rubber heaters: including heating belt and heating pad and heating cable, most of them are used as drum heaters, crankcase heaters, brewing heater, blanket heaters, tire warmers etc. Heat transfer machine heating plate, Heating sheet for baking cup (pan) machine, Heater for oil drum, Heat sealing machine heating sheet, Medical equipment heating and heat preservation, Chemical pipeline heating, Heating of large equipment, Semiconductor processing equipment, Heating and heat preservation of various mechanical instruments, Medical equipment, such as blood analyzers, respiratory therapy devices and hydrotherapy, Antifreeze for military installations, aircraft instruments and hydraulic equipment, Battery heating, Food service equipment, Factory bonding and partial assembly. Any application that requires a soft shape or design, Analytical Instruments, Aerospace, Antifreeze equipment etc.
Heat press plates: most are used on transfer printing machines, and some plate heaters, mainly in cast aluminum heaters, can be in any shape.
Kapton heaters: used on 3D Printer heating elements, Medical diagnostic instruments, Heat sample trays, reagent bottles, etc. Stabilize optoelectronic components, Test or simulate integrated circuits, Enable cold weather operation of outdoor electronics such as laptop, ATM, LCD鈥檚, Protect aircraft electronic and mechanical devices in cold weather.
PTC heaters: used on Electric mosquito repellent, massager, warmer, electric soldering iron, electric iron, humidifier, curling iron, hair straightener, glue machine, electric fragrancer, hot melt glue gun, electric iron, wax melter, electronic components Thermal insulation, circuit board flooding, etc.
Ceramic heaters: It is suitable for electric heating products such as electric splints, curling irons, electric irons, electric irons, hair dryers, dryers, steamers, heaters, toilet seats, medical equipment, etc. Ceramic heater has the advantages of convenient installation, high temperature resistance, fast heat transfer, good insulation, and production is not limited by model and size.
Mica heaters: Widely used in plastic machinery, packaging and printing, petrochemical, electronic equipment and other industries etc.
Anywhere heats needed, we can custom made, just please tell us your application and requirements.
SIC and MOSI2: It is widely used in the research and production of metallurgy, steelmaking, glass, ceramics, refractory materials, crystals, electronic components and semiconductor materials, especially for high-performance precision ceramics, high-grade artificial crystals, precision structural cermets, glass Production of fiber, optical fiber and high-grade alloy steel
Fabric heaters: used on clothes, massage, bag warmers scarves and gloves etc.
Many other heating elements can be designed and manufactured according to customers' own conception and requirements.
Production Equipment
Our Certificate
Production Market
Our Service
Jinbao offers the best quality products that meet domestic and industrial standards as well as our own internal quality assurance methodology that earned the respect of the thousands of clients served by our products.
Our products are made in China and make it easier for customers to get the best quality and competitive prices.
For over 30 years, our mission to offer our customer the best possible service has made Jinbao the most trusted manufacturer for heating elements and controls with thousands of satisfied customers taking advantage of our low prices and satisfaction guarantee.
Feel free to request a quote from us today.Radiator Heating Element factory


  Electronic kitchen scale with metal bowl suppliers
Enviado por: manganag - 30-04-2021, 01:54 AM - Foro: Anuncios y general - Sin respuestas

JACAL Background
Zhongshan JACAL Electronic Company Limited is invested by a company from Canada. It was established in Zhongshan in 2001 as a high-tech enterprise. JACAL specializes in designing and manufacturing electronic scales. We have been focusing on European market since 2006. Products have been sold to high-end markets such as Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Australia. We have earned good reputation from our customers because of simple and delicate design concept, scientific and core technology, quality and efficient service.
Our brand, JACAL was founded in Canada in 1995 and started investing in China since 1997. Three companies have been established since then, they are Hong Kong JACAL International Company Limited, Zhongshan Jacal Electric Company Limited, Zhongshan JACAL Electronic Company Limited. JACAL is the leading and largest samovar factory manufactures the most different type of samovars.
JACAL Theory
JACAL's theory is "focus" 鈥?of single industry, of demand and of customer service. We are dedicated by professional teams such as R&D, QA, production and marketing teams, which are inheriting the advanced manufacturing technology from headquarters in Canada. Relying on international design concept and the spirit of excellence to serve JACAL鈥檚 focus, a number of trend-leading products is created. As such, foundation of JACAL, outstanding brand culture is established.
JACAL Products
JACAL鈥檚 products have remarkable combination of practical value and artistic value. Intellectual property creates value for enterprises, patents drives innovation and development. JACAL has a number of invention patents and dozens of patents involving a variety of design concepts of electric kettle and application concepts. Our products have an exquisite and colorful layout, showing the charm of its originality. Each product is made with exquisite workmanship and fine materials.
JACAL Attitude
"Positive attitude, quality life" is the best interpretation of JACAL brand. JACAL delivers "scientific attitude, dedicated spirit and healthy life". Each person has its own pursuit for quality life and will not refuse the gift that given by nature. As long as we respect our inner voice, love and life, we all will live a happy life.
JACAL always commits to bring the best quality products and integrated artistic elements into each details of product. It's our unswerving mission to constantly bring people with better products.
Factory Environment
We understand that a safe and comfort working environment is crucial to our production. All of our facility straightly follows safety guideline. The office area is decorated mindfully with the consideration of worker's mood, comfort and working effectiveness. You are welcome to visit us by appointment.
Our Certificate
For decades, Jacal's products and service was well recognised by clients and standard authorities. These are some of our certification gained in recent years.
CE/ROHS/BSCI/REACH/LFGB...Electronic kitchen scale with metal bowl suppliers


  Stainless Steel Welding Services
Enviado por: manganag - 30-04-2021, 01:51 AM - Foro: Anuncios y general - Sin respuestas

Our History
IWON Metal is a comprehensive and experienced stainless fabricating manufacturer. Capabilities include laser cutting,bending,stamping,welding,machining and high quality surface treatment polishing, brushing on stainless steel material.
Our Factory
Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enables us guarantee total customer satisfaction.Main facilities include laser cutting machine,shearing machines,CNC punching machines,pressing machines,CNC bending machines,polishing machines,brushing machines etc. We aim at working on high quality stainless steel products with careful and good quality handling on finishing.
Our Product
Custom stainless steel fabrication, comprehensive stainless steel processing, stainless fabrication and metal fabrication
Product Application
We got experience on working with:
1)Stainless display rack
2)Stainless food machinery parts and enclosures: stainless steel dust bin, stainless steel oven,barbecue oven,popcorn machine enclosure,pizza stove,warming showcase,etc.
3)Stainless parts and accessories for agricultural and feeding equipment
4)Stainless facilities: stainless desk, stainless table etc.
Production Equipment
鈼?Laser Cutting Machines (1 sets)
鈼?Shearing Machines(1 sets)
鈼?CNC Punching Machines (2 sets)
鈼?Pressing Machines(50 sets)
鈼?CNC Bending Machines(3 sets)
鈼?Welding Machines 10 sets
鈼?150-Meter Powder Coating Line鈼?Powder Coating Stove(2m脳2m脳4m)
鈼?Rolling Machines (2 sets)
鈼?Tube Cutting Machine (4 sets)
鈼?Wire Cutting Machine (3 sets)
鈼?Polishing Machines (5 sets)
鈼?Brushing Machines (3 sets)
Production Market
1锛塁ircuitwise Electronics is a Sydney based Contract Electronics Manufacturer holding ISO9000 and ISO13485 Medical certifications.
2锛塇aines Group-The largest manufacturer of FRP boats in Australia under the brand names, Signature, Traveller and Seafarer.
3锛塊ERBL is a producer and wholesale dealer with a very wide range of products for livestock,horses and pets.(Germany based with distribution in Europe and Australia)
Our Service
We offer professional and prompt communication with over 15 years industrial experience craftmen,strict quality inspection on every step of production.Stainless Steel Welding Services


  hot aerosol fire extinguishing device suppliers
Enviado por: manganag - 30-04-2021, 01:50 AM - Foro: Anuncios y general - Sin respuestas

鈽匫ur History
Shanghai Meishi Intelligent System Co., Ltd. is a technology joint-stock enterprise approved by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government. It focuses on R & D and manufacture of temperature-sensitive self-starting fire extinguishing devices, heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing system, high pressure carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system, IG541 fire extinguishing system, kitchen automatic fire extinguishing device. The intelligent fire alarm system has passed the inspection and certification of the Tianjin Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security. Committed to providing modern, automated and intelligent fire fighting services for petrochemical, power communications, transportation, machinery manufacturing and many other industries, it is one of China's key enterprise groups for temperature self-starting fire fighting systems.
鈽匫ur Factory
Shanghai Meishi intelligent System Co., Ltd. integrates high-quality R & D, design and production resources, specializing in the production and marketing of fire fighting equipment, the company has a strong R & D and production team, modern production equipment. Since its establishment in 2013, the company has been giving top priority to the research and development of fire protection products, cooperating with colleges and universities, devoting itself to the fire safety protection of small space and making outstanding contributions to the innovation of fire-extinguishing technology of fire detection pipe. Shanghai Meishi focuses on the research of fully automatic and unattended fire protection. The product has passed the "National Fixed fire extinguishing system and fire-resistant component quality supervision and Inspection Center" and "Ministry of Public Security Fire Extinguishing Product Conformity Assessment Center" (CCCF) certification. It has obtained China Electrical Fire Protection Product certification (CECC) and fire detection pipe high voltage 30kV insulation and electrical breakdown product inspection report.hot aerosol fire extinguishing device suppliers


  Roller Conveyor suppliers
Enviado por: manganag - 30-04-2021, 01:48 AM - Foro: Anuncios y general - Sin respuestas

Roller conveyor mainly transfer cases, bags and second package product; width maximum 1500mm, widely used on logistic transport area. Link up to different machine; diameter have many choice due to different cargo weight; per square meter, roller conveyor can bear 120KG/M2.
This kind of roller conveyor can linkup with many packing machine, transfer spiral conveyor line, widely used in production area.
If choose belt driven roller conveyor, motor power range 0.15-4KW, can add sensor to control product inlet and outlet.Roller Conveyor suppliers


  Christmas Stockings Decorations suppliers
Enviado por: manganag - 30-04-2021, 01:46 AM - Foro: Anuncios y general - Sin respuestas

Product Introduction锛?/strong>
Red and Plaid Cuffs felt Christmas Stocking Xmas Holiday Hanging Decoration Stocking
We concentrate on manufacturing and supplying a variety of holiday craft and gifts related products for over 10 years. The sound experience that INSUN has accumulated guarantees the higher quality, abundant types and versatility.
Product Parameter
Material Fabric
Color Red
Shape As picture
Size 46 CM
Packing Hangtag
Sea Port Ningbo
Use Christmas Decoration, Festival Decoration, Home , Party , Wedding
Origin China
Shipment By sea , By train , By Air
Certificate BSCI Certificate
Product feature and application :

We love Christmas and like to decorate in this special day. Mini stockings will be perfect in front of your fireplace, Xmas tree and windows with these novelty customized pockets. DIY your home-made Christmas calendar with these little bags.
Our red stockings conjure the Christmas spirit with a cute Santa Clause and snowman design. They instantly fill your home with the holiday cheers--just the decor to brighten up your living room!
You鈥檒l love filling up these stockings with loads of candies and toys. The little ones will love waking up to the delightful presents. Create memories that last a lifetime!
Spread the holiday cheers by giving away our stockings as a Christmas present. They鈥檒l look wonderful in any home, blending beautifully with all kinds of decor.
Production details:
This size is about 46cmH, quite a big stock that you can put many of gifts in it.
The Cuffs is plaid fabric (Black and Red/ Black and White), the body is red, Santa Clause and snowman doll with words鈥?JOY/NOEL鈥?are attached on the surface, make the whole sock full of fun and happy
On the corner, there is a rope ring, it can be hung on a Christmas tree, fireplace, window, or any place you want to decorate.
Product qualification :
Deliver, shipping and serving :
Christmas Stockings Decorations suppliers


  Magnetic Window Screen manufacturers
Enviado por: manganag - 30-04-2021, 01:44 AM - Foro: Anuncios y general - Sin respuestas

Magnetic Mosquito Net For Windows
The window magnetic insect screen range is designed for ease of use and offers an effective DIY pre framed window screen kit solution to keep out mosquitoes, flies, wasps, midges, and all types of crawling & flying insects.
Magnetic window screens are suitable for residential and commercial use as each window screen can be installed directly onto the window frame, either on the inside or outside of the window.
A magnetic window screen is simple to maintain & is highly durable.
The new magnetic insect screens are ideal for those hot summer months where a steady stream of cool air is always a welcome addition inside any room.
Product nameMagnetic screen window
Model NumberSMT-MW-002
Common Sizes60*60, 80*80, 100*100, 120*120, 130*150, 150*150, or customized
Open StyleLift
Purchase ModeSemi-finished materials / fixed Size
FeatureSimple installation, DIY Design
ProfileMaterial: PVC
Profile Color: White, grey, light grey, green, brown
NetFabric: High-Grade Fiberglass Insect Screen coated with PVC
Mesh Color: Grey / Black
InstallationFront Fixing
VerificationISO9001-2000, TUV and CE Certificate, EN13561:2004(European Directives 89/106/
Living room window, bedroom window, kitchen window
*Easy self-assembly with self-adhesive magnetic strip
*Can easily be removed at any time
*Application for all common window types
*Fly screen fabric made of fiberglass, absolutely weather-resistant and tear-resistant
*Complete set with high quality plastic and magnetic profiles
*Size individually adjustable, low installation depth: 9 mm
*Flush handle - can be attached to any frame
Packing, Storage, Handling and Transportation
Mail box, then outer carton boxMagnetic Window Screen manufacturers


  Strawberry Juice Powder supplier
Enviado por: manganag - 30-04-2021, 01:40 AM - Foro: Anuncios y general - Sin respuestas

Xi'an Pincredit Bio-tech Co.,Ltd is located in Xi'an city,Shaanxi Province,China.more than 15years production experience,and 7years of exporting trade.We are specialized in researching, manufacturing and exporting natural ingredients, including plant extract, superfood material and API, which are mainly used in medicine, food,beverage, dietary supplements and so on.
Our integrative marketing center is in Xi'an Hi-tech district. involving in researching, marketing, sale,finance and logistics team. With 7years exporting experience, our products are widely sold to more than 80 countries from Europe, North and South America, Oceania,Southeast Asia and so on.
Factory owns testing lab and HPLC, TLC, GC,UV and Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometr equipment, can test and get content,specification,ash,microorganism data.own three standardized production workshops, 12 multifunctional extractors, covering 3900 square meters. The annual processed raw material is over 2000 metric ton with monthly production ability of 20 metric ton.
We are keeping overcritical on the quality and persisting in the profession all the time.We have strict QC standards and excellent quality guarantee system. products are passed and certified with F D A,Kosher, Halal, I S O 9 0 0 1, Organic and Food management licence.
We also welcome OEM and ODM orders especially OEM packing service because we have many experience and got high praise both quality and service.
Close to plant base,own advanced extracting and purifying workshop, concentrating on each link of quality and cost , Xi'an Pincredit is aiming of benefiting the world with high quality at competitive price.Strawberry Juice Powder supplier


  pure powdered pectin
Enviado por: manganag - 30-04-2021, 01:38 AM - Foro: Anuncios y general - Sin respuestas

Company Overview
Webring food ingredients and industrial products to customers who need them all around the world for 20 years. We combine our experience with new technologies and innovation to serve as a trusted partner for food and industrial customers.
Our goal is to cooperate with customers to find a way whether the challenge is from an existing products, improving program or an uncovering solution which help them launch into market more quickly with improving efficiency and reduce costs
What makes Alchemist unique
We running our different plants by joint ventured instead of wholly owned to obtain supports whether from process operating, technical or financial, which make us easier to focus on our professional area.
We focus on new technologies and innovation to generate distinctive value to serve our customers. Our team on research, development, application and technical service specialists includes experts from global leading food company and university.
We develop the breadth and depth of our spread, for example, our supply chain of raw material and more end-products covering, which enables us to present our customers with lower costs and more application areas.
Our brand series NourisiTM, BioHydroTM, ACPecTM, AlgobyTM, covers to provide our customers with tailoring solution both at food and industrial area.
pure powdered pectin


  Face Shield factory
Enviado por: manganag - 30-04-2021, 01:37 AM - Foro: Anuncios y general - Sin respuestas

Product Description
Product nameKN95 breathing valve face mask
ModelST-A9502Z (head harness)
MaterialsMeltblown, spunbond nonwovens, elastic straps, nose nip,foam bar
AccessoriesWith valve
Package include30 pcs/per box
Packing and sizeBox,145*138*320mm
Carton size59*34*33
銆怳sed For銆戯細
1. The oxygen concentration does not exceed 18%;
2. The hazard factor is less than 10;
3. Used for the protection of coal dust, cement dust, casting dust, ceramic dust and other hazards;
4. Protection for welding, casting, polishing and other positions in mining, smelting, electronics, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries.
Product Features:
鈼?HIGH QUALITY 鈥?The filter membrane is made of safety standard materials, 5-layer protective masks, which can be used by adults and children, can maintain health and safety when working or going out, can well protect the health of the respiratory system and protect your breathing.
鈼?鉁?EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE 鈥揔eeping you away from air particles and pollutants. Help preventing coughing and sneezing water from entering the nose and mouth. Three protective layers help you purify each breath.
鈼?鉁?WIDELY USE 鈥揙utdoor Cycling, Walking, Working, Shopping, Home Decoration, etc.Face Shield factory